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Monitormode using a Nokia

When using the registered version, if the fbusmode-switch in monitor.ini is set and a Nokia type DCT-3 device (3210, 3310, 3410, 5110, 5130, 6110, 6130, 6150, 6210, 7110, 8210, 8850, 8890) is recognized, this window is shown:

Screenshot Nokia

Top left ('serving cell') are all data elements which can be retreived from the BCCH :
  • CI and LA, respectively in hexadecimal und decimal notation
  • the ARFCN of the BCCH
  • MCC and MNC of the PLMN used
  • RXLEV in dBm and converted to RSSI
  • NCC, BCC and the resulting BSIC (decimal!)
  • C1 and C2 for this cell, corrected values, not the ones shown in NetMonitor
Middle left ('network') are all data elements which can either be retreived in 'dedicated mode' or are in some way correlated to him. The last readings remain displayed, but are marked as 'network (last measure)'. If the transmitter ist switched on, 'network (tx is on)' is displayed:
  • the type of channel used
  • TA as value and converted to distance
  • TimeSlot of the traffic channel. If channelhopping is applied, the channels in the hopping sequence are displayed in parantheses.
  • the assigned transmission power in dBm and Watt
  • RXQUAL as value and converted to the assumed bit error rate
  • the values which may be derived from T3212, the time between PLUs and the elapsed time since the last LU.
In the middle of the window, the actual reception level is displayed, with its numerical value shown on top.
On the top right side you find the decode of the flags broadcasted in the BCCH and the multiband-reporting setting, if any.
On the middle right side of the window you find the list of neighboring cells (NCELL-list). The first line is the currently selected cell, all others are neighbor cells. The meanings are :
  • CHN : the channelnumber
  • RXL : RXLEV for this channel
  • NB : NCC and BCC for this cell
  • C1, C2 : calculated C1 and C2 values for this cell
  • the cellattributes: F: cell in forbidden LA, B: cell barred, L: low priority, N:normal priority, H: high priority
At the bottom the last status messages from the CallControl, the MobilityManagement and the RadioRessourceManagement-Layer are displayed in plain text.