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Monitormode using a Siemens phone

When using the registered version, if a Siemens S25 or S/M/C35 id found, this window is shown:

Screenshot Siemens
In this window, all reachable network neighborhood information is shown.
In the upper part of the window you will find the list of the 6 strongest neighbor cells, the first column shows the channel number (1), the second column shows the reception level (2), NCC and BCC afterwards (3). The first line is the current cell, the channelnumber could unfortunately not be shown in this case.
Beneath (4) are the values for reception level (RXLEV) and reception quality (RXQUAL), calculated with and without DTX.
At the bottom (5) the complete neighborhood list of the current cell for the currently used band is shown, these are all channels which are used for neighborhood measurements.
The generation of this window could be suppressed using the commandline switch '-nstk', which does improve long-time-stability of the phone, which will crash in some cases.