german version

Cell Broadcast

Screenshot CB-Fenster
After activating the CB-trace with show CB messages , a new window appers, where all new messages are displayed. If 'save new messages' is checked (waht is the default state), all messages are written to trace_smscb.log. For every received message the following information is shown:
  • the channel, in which the message is received (chnl)
  • the message-ID (id)
  • the message geographical scope (scope)
  • the number of this message fragment and the number of fragments for this message (pgs)
  • if transmitted: the language coding
  • if transmitted: the 'message class' (cl)
  • if transmitted: the coding width
  • if transmitted: the 'default destination' for this message (dst)
  • the message itself (text)
If you want only a subset of all received channels to be displayed, you may select the channels to be displayed from the context menu of the window:
Screenshot CB-Fenster

A special treatment is set up for the messages transmitted in the german network 'Interkom' (262 07) in channel 221. This is a special feature for germany, so you may look this up in the german description.