Database of Manufacturer, Model and TAC

This database contains information about the manufacturer, the retail name, the TAC, an internal or OEM name and the supported bands of each included mobile phone.

You may only search for TACs, a minimum length of 6 digits must be provided.

Unfortunately some restrictions seem necessary: You may only search for TACs, requests will be lagged depending on access frequency. Not more than 4 requests per minute, not more than 40 requests per 24 hours. No access with scripts or programs, no commercial usage. Anyone in need of unlimited access may use the PRO-Database.


Enter IMEI or TAC:  


TAC: the TAC consists, depending on the age of the device, of the first 6 or 8 numbers of the IMEI.

IMEI: the mapping IMEI - Terminal and the IMEI validity check is here.