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Monitormode using a data module

If any of the Siemens/Cinterion data modules (M20, TC35i, M35T, XT75 a.o.) or a Triorail module (TRM:1, TRM:2, TRM:3) is recognized as terminal equipment, this window is displayed in the registered version, where the netmonitor data of the module is shown:

Screenshot Siemens Modulfenster
Screenshot Siemens Modulfenster

Top left ('serving cell') are all data elements which can be retreived from the BCCH :
  • CI and LA, respectively in hexadecimal und decimal notation
  • the ARFCN of the BCCH
  • MCC and MNC of the current network
  • NCC, BCC and the resulting BSIC (decimal!)
  • the maximum allowed transmission power MS_TXPWR_MAX_CCH in dBm and Watt
  • the power level Lp in dBm and converted to RSSI
  • the electric field strength level Le in dBuV/m (*)
  • the electric field strength E in V/m and the flux density S in W/m2 (*)
(*): the calculation is based on the sum of the power levels from all neighboring cells.
Middle left ('ded.mode') are all data elements which can be retreived in 'dedicated mode'. The last readings remain displayed, but are marked as 'ded. mode (last measure)' :
  • TA as value and converted to distance
  • ARFCN and TimeSlot of the traffic channel
  • the assigned transmission power in dBm and Watt
  • RXQUAL as value and converted to the assumed bit error rate
  • the type of channel used
Alternatively, a diagram showing the gradient of the reception levels of the current and the 3 best neighboring cells may be shown. Displays change with a double click in the display area.

In the middle of the window, the actual reception level is displayed, with its numerical value shown on top.

On the right side of the window you find a graphical representation of the list of neighboring cells (NCELL-list). The horizontal lines are at -50 dBm, -75 dBm and -95 dBm, the NCELL-list is below the picture. The meanings are :
  • CHN : the BCCH channel number
  • RLEV : RXLEV for this channel
  • PLMN : PLMN for this network
  • LAI : Location Area of this cell
  • CID : Cell ID of this cell
  • C1, C2 : calculated C1 and C2 values for this cell
  • B : BCC for this cell
Bottom left ('do...') you may select the operator to monitor (netmonitor data is shown even when the module is in 'not registered'-state).

If you are using a module with built-in GPS-Receiver and you are not using the GPS feature of this software you may read out a songle position by using the GPS-button.

The buttons LogA and LogB toggle the creation of the logfiles trace_covsm.log and trace_covex2.log, the current state is displayed: green -> log will be written, grey -> no log.