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NetMonitor with PC-Support: TAPIR-G

As a little help for all these people running around with a activated NetMonitor, I made this software, supporting lots of phones. You may:
  • show, process and log data of the current active cell
  • see the state of your phone
  • log all phone activity, including in/out calls
  • show and log CellBroadcast-messages
  • using a Siemens data module: show and log all NetMonitor data
  • using a Nokia DCT-3 phone: show and log all NetMonitor data without NCDS. If not already done, the NetMonitor will be activated
A description how to install and configure the software: see here.
The description of the features is here:
This software isn't freeware, please have a look in readme.txt. Non-private use, offering this software for download or on CDROM is only allowable after contacting me, please keep the Copyright © in mind.
terminal equipment: OK ? hints :
Siemens C10/11, C35, M35 OK  
Siemens E10/11, OK  
Siemens S10/11, X25, X35 OK  
Siemens ME45 OK look for portspeed
Siemens SL10, SL45 OK SL10: start with -i500
Siemens M1 OK  
Siemens/Cinterion M20, TC35, XT75 OK M20: CB not possible
TrioRail TRM1, TRM2, TRM3 (GSM-R) OK  
Nokia 3210, 3310, 3410, 5110, 5130, 6110, 6130,
6150, 6210, 7110, 8210, 8850, 8890 mit FBUS
Nokia Cardphone OK no FBUS, only AT commands
Sony CMDX2000 OK  
Ericsson SH888 -- no cell information, no CB
Sagem (?) works partially, please send testing results

Hint for Nokia-users: even though version 2.0 of NCDS has some strange bugs, I would dissuade from a update to version 2.0a. This version is a lot botchier than the older one. It seems impudent to me to charge money for this sort of banana-ware.